Videographer Jadon Barnes On Passion And Practice

Videographer Jadon Barnes On Passion And Practice

Videographer Jadon Barnes On Passion And Practice

This post is part of the Noble Impact Scholars Series, which highlights incredibly talented Noble Impact scholars and the work they’re pursuing.

Jadon Barnes, 16, has discovered a passion and talent for videography. You might not know this upon initially meeting him at eStem, but he has spent almost his entire life studying, learning, and growing as a videographer.  No prompts from teachers, parents, or friends… It all stemmed from a passion. One thing that kept coming to our mind during Jadon’s interview, was another interview from famous radio personality, Ira Glass.  [If you aren’t familiar with Ira Glass’s Gap Speech, you should take a look at it.]

Jadon Barnes FilmingJadon understood what it was going to take to elevate his work as a creative – inspiration and lots of practice.  When he  was asked which filmmaker most inspired him, he said – “Julian Smith is one of the best in film.  I’ve learned a lot of techniques from his style of filmmaking. Occasionally I go back and look at his videos to make sure my production value is getting closer and closer to his quality standards.”

Noble Impact hopes to tap in to student’s individual passion and purpose, to equip and empower them to be successful in their various endeavors.  Jadon was approached by the Noble Impact team & asked if he would be interested in filming some behind the scenes footage of classroom activities for us. He agreed, & the quality of content he has brought us from only 24 hours of work is beyond what we had asked or hoped.  And what’s great about Jadon’s story, as an up and coming creative from Arkansas, is that he views film as a massive opportunity to engage with the public and highlight causes that are important to him as well as the community.

It’s great to welcome this type of talent to Arkansas.

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