Kennedy Smith Launches Fashion Line For Social Change

Kennedy Smith Launches Fashion Line For Social Change

Kennedy Smith Launches Fashion Line For Social Change

This post is part of the Noble Impact Scholars Series, which highlights incredibly talented Noble Impact scholars and the work they’re pursuing.

17-year-old Noble Impact student Kennedy Smith had a vision to create a clothing line focused on changing the culture of diversity in her high school.  The idea? Everyone should be celebrated – not in spite of their differences, but because of them.

Fashion+Culture Kennedy SmithShe chose two unique trademarks for her line titled, Culture & Fashion. Uniquely, the trademarks are the hashtag #breakingthemold and the diamond. When asked why, she responded, “because no two diamonds are the same, and like diamonds, we are all unique… I chose #breakingthemold because we want to promote the differences between us all. We don’t have to be what people expect. You should be able to do what makes you happy with out fear of judgement from others.”

Monday, her vision became a reality when ten of her custom shirts dropped to her brand ambassadors. Kennedy isn’t just designing for fun, she’s building a business. She is a self – taught designer, marketer, logoist, promoter and stylist.. And one to watch.

Fashion+Culture Kennedy Smith

Noble Impact has played a large part in her inspiration, she says. However, not in the way you might initially think. The best thing Noble has given to Kennedy is the connection with peers who have also started or are in the process of developing start ups. When she was asked about how she made her vision a reality, she quickly credited a fellow Noble student and social media guru, Jase Burton, with playing a large part in helping her develop her digital presence. Kennedy is equipped with business strategy, brand voice, and start up support. She’ll soon invite you to join Little Rock’s most stylish social movement.

Taking pre-orders now, Kennedy is available at:

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