A 16-Year-Old’s Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

A 16-Year-Old’s Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

A 16-Year-Old’s Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

Noble 201 and 301 students attended the Arkansas Fellowship speakers series this week with serial entrepreneur and investor Steve Clark. Steve is an Arkansas entrepreneur who made himself through his opportunities and determination; he also happens to be the chairman of Noble Impact.

Noble Impact allows young minds to expand their entrepreneurial experiences, and what better way to be doing this than listening to the founder of Noble Impact himself, Steve Clark?

Below are three very moving quotes for any entrepreneur that Steve relayed during his talk. As a student, these quotes help me, and other Noble scholars, understand what this world of entrepreneurship is all about.

“Entrepreneurship is like living in a jungle, and you have to be aware of the chance you have to make something and take it.”

Steve Clark and Kyla WebbTo me, this quote means a lot as a learner and expander within my own world of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is, in fact, like living in a jungle. It gets crazy sometimes and you have to step back and take it all in. But as the head of the food chain within this hectic ecosystem, you, as the lion, have to take advantage of the kingdom and work within it. YOU have to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you, whether you take the chance or not. Not every opportunity given to you will be worth your time. It is up to you to figure out the pros and cons of the situation. Take the opportunities that will give you experience and that will move your knowledge along further.

“I wasn’t learning a new song, I already knew all the words.”

Steve Clark Speaks With Noble Impact ScholarsYou have to bring forth your previous knowledge. Point blank, end of discussion. Always attach to the things you learn; this instinct will always help you in the long run. You won’t have to waste your time each time you do something if you can have the knowledge already at your hands. Training is something that you can do within jobs, you can take the things that you learned and apply them to your profession. Having and gaining experience comes with time and lots of patience with yourself. Companies do not want to invest in something or someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, so start off slow. Get a job within the field that you want to be working towards. Then use all the experience and knowledge that you gain from that experience and bring it to new opportunities. Know what you are talking about!!!

“Change occurs no matter what… It’s the velocity of change you have to pay attention to.”

Noble Impact Scholars with Steve ClarkEverything changes, but being where we are today, things are going to change a lot faster than they did when my parents were my age. Being aware to the relevance of time is a skill that you have to incorporate into your entrepreneurial life. Wasting time isn’t an option when you are working to make things better. Be productive in the way you adjust to changes within the world, yourself, and your entrepreneurial life. This is an amazing quote, probably the best one, because it is vital to everyone. Getting left behind on the social realm of entrepreneurship isn’t a good thing by any means. People’s needs and wants change just as much as technology. Know what your customers, or the people you go after, want. Within your own company or business things change, too. Adjustment and flexibility are necessary in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

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