How My Digital Portfolio Enabled Me To Connect With My Favorite Filmmaker

How My Digital Portfolio Enabled Me To Connect With My Favorite Filmmaker

How My Digital Portfolio Enabled Me To Connect With My Favorite Filmmaker

During the spring of 2015, my Noble Impact 101 class empowered me and my classmates to each create a digital portfolio.

The portfolio was a platform Noble gave us to help share our passions, stories, values, and projects. We used the Weebly student blog platform to portray our websites. The purpose of the digital portfolio was to show my accomplishments and what I can offer. So, if a business person wanted to network with me, for example, I’d be prepared. You can check out my portfolio here.

A film I created with my sister to showcase my digital portfolio experience

I personally enjoyed the opportunity to create a personal website. It was an opportunity to share my story and achievements on something not connected to a social media platform. Check out the video I created above that describes my experience!

I have a strong passion for film and it was all sparked by a New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat. He portrays strong stories in his short movies — I look up to him as a role model. Being exposed to his work has enabled me to find my own sense of film and style. Casey is also a successful businessman through creating his own social media platform, Beme. Therefore, I thought of no one better to send my digital portfolio out to other than the famous Casey Neistat.

Bethanie Gourley Digital Portfolio

The homepage of my digital portfolio, which features one of my illustrations and a Casey Neistat quote

Through Casey’s personal website, I sent him a short email sharing my digital portfolio. The key quotes used in my portfolio were all from Casey, and I was excited to finally share what I had made with the man who stated those quotes.

Exactly an hour and two minutes later, Casey emailed me back saying, “Good Job, Bethanie.” Through Twitter, I had tweeted him many times in the past, but this time, he actually read what I had to say through my digital portfolio. The fact that Casey complimented my work showed me I had potential, even though I was just a sophomore in high school.

“You have never made it, with each success must come a never and more invictus goal.”
—Casey Neistat

My digital portfolio helped me connect with my favorite filmmaker and helped me grow my potential. I am very thankful for joining Noble Impact and using what they have taught me to further my goals as a filmmaker.

Header image of Casey Neistat courtesy of Resource Magazine

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