Stories: The Power Of Sharing And Listening

Stories: The Power Of Sharing And Listening

Stories: The Power Of Sharing And Listening

Stories are everywhere, and everyone has one. When was the last time that you read someone a story, told a story, or shared your story? All the time, right? Stories make life fun. They make life interesting.

Before Fall Break, I had the opportunity to listen to some of our 5th graders in Noble Impact tell their stories to their classmates. They shared their values, their passions, and a story – something important to them – and they are even blogging about it! After seeing their blogs, I had no excuse not to get mine up and running. Thanks for that motivation, 5th graders!

Jessi Forster Reads a Story
Jessi Forster reads a story at eStem Public Charter School.
This is something I love about education today, especially here at eStem. We are equipping these 10 year olds with something that is intangible – it goes beyond a lesson, test, or paper. It’s the ability to have a story and share it with others.

But that’s not the only value in sharing stories – what about those students and teachers listening? They are making personal connections with these students’ stories, they are getting to know each other. Today, it just may be more important to be a listener. Can you think of the people you know who are good listeners…the ones who truly hear what you are saying? I know you can probably think of several names of those who don’t! When I know someone hears me, I know they care about me and what I have to say. This is what I want our children to learn, not only how to tell their story, but also how to listen to others.

​I wish I had learned that when I was 10.

This post originally appeared on Jessi Forster’s blog, Mrs. Jess Forster, where she writes about her work as an educator and K-8 director.

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