A Noble Scholar On ‘Ten Things I Know To Be True’

A Noble Scholar On ‘Ten Things I Know To Be True’

A Noble Scholar On ‘Ten Things I Know To Be True’

When tech giant Google was just a few years old, its team created a philosophical list called “Ten Things We Know To Be True” to represent the company’s major values. It persists even today and includes points such as: Focus on the user and all else will follow; fast is better than slow; and you can make money without doing evil.

Noble Impact, inspired by this, encouraged my Noble 201 class to acknowledge and write down our own philosophical ideas, or things we know to be true.

To help visualize my thoughts, I created my own short movie titled, “Ten Things I Know To Be True.”

The ten things I personally know to be true include:

  1. I love my home in the Natural State.
  2. Change is not a bad thing.
  3. Jean Michel Basquiat is the most interesting artist.
  4. Expanding to new people will only help your social experience.
  5. My little sister is my best friend.
  6. Soccer is the most universal sport in the world.
  7. Everyone has their own daily struggles that I am not aware of.
  8. Spending time in nature plays a major role in my happiness.
  9. Design and creativity affect my life everyday.
  10. Positivity will always over power negativity.

My reasoning behind these specific statements follows my personal values. Recognizing them helps me pay attention to my goals and being aware of my everyday actions.

What do you know to be true?

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