Meet Our Noble 201 Scholars!

Meet Our Noble 201 Scholars!

Meet Our Noble 201 Scholars!

This post is part of our Showcase Series, in which we introduce each cohort within our Noble Impact courses. In this post, you’ll learn about each scholar in a given cohort and his or her interests, passions, and ambitions, all while getting an overview of the group’s classroom experience.

Noble Impact 201 with Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner Johnny Key
Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner Johnny Key visits Noble 201.
It’s about time you meet our latest cohort of Noble 201 scholars! For the first time, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of our scholars and their interests, passions, and ambitions and are excited to share them with you! (Hat tip to the Clinton School of Public Service, which publishes an annual list of its students, for the inspiration!)

Noble 201 is the progression in Noble Impact curriculum that is offered to juniors at eStem High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is an application-only offering, and 28 students were selected this school year. Throughout the first semester, students attended class at The Venture Center and were exposed to a multitude of experiences, including guest speakers — such as philanthropist Chelsea Clinton, local entrepreneur Shiem Swift, and producer Ted Dintersmith — and visits to different businesses in the downtown area, including software development firm Apptegy.

The 2015-2016 year-long course of study began with students completing a personal inventory of their digital presence and challenged them to create new individual assets, including a professional LinkedIn profile. This process required them to think deeply about how they are perceived by the outside world based on their zero moment of truth (ZMOT), a term coined by Google. To close out the first semester this month, students shared their individual narratives through a startup-style pitch and pitch deck that further communicates who they are and what they value.

It’s been about a year and a half since we first welcomed these students as 10th graders through our initial high school offering, which is Noble 101. Since that time, we’ve had the opportunity to watch them grow through the different challenges we present to them. We believe these challenges are a healthy educational progression that results in building 21st century skillsets and mindsets. We’re excited to bear witness to their continual growth and equally excited to introduce you to them through this post. And if you don’t get enough here, follow their work through the #Noble201 hashtag on Twitter, where students are continually sharing what’s going on in the classroom and beyond through their projects and experiences!

Without further ado, meet our Noble 201 scholars!

Sophie AllwineSophie Allwine attends eStem High School in the 11th grade. She is currently participating in a Public Service/Entrepreneurship course called Noble Impact. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, bike riding, traveling, and spending time with her dog, Nala. Her aspirations include fulfilling a legacy at Ohio State University.

Interests: Environment/Outdoors, Aquarium, Business, Travel
Aspirations: Attending Ohio State University
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram


Austin AshleyAustin Ashley is currently a Junior at eStem High School. This summer, Austin interned at JoyNet Radio, which is a internet radio station. There, he learned communications and soundboard engineering. He has also appeared on various episodes of Teen Talk, a segment of Time to Consider with Melvin Moss.

Interests: Entertainment, Mass Communications, Music
Aspirations: To make a living off of doing what I love most, entertaining others
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Portfolio


Madi Grace CarterMadi Grace Carter began and continues her life in Little Rock, Arkansas. For a unique educational experience, she became a Noble 201 scholar. She has immense appreciation of various cultures. Additionally, her 13-year passion for soccer has taught her teamwork, responsibility, and humility. She hopes make the opportunity to travel and experience the world in her near future.

Interests: Traveling, Writing, Soccer, Photography, Education
Aspirations: Major in Sociocultural Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram


Katie ClevengerKatie Clevenger began dancing at the age of two, and developed a passion for ballet. Now she is a company member at Arkansas Academy of Dance,and a member of the Ballet Arkansas Preparatory Program. She is a Noble 201 scholar, and a junior at eStem High. Katie wants to major in Performing Arts and Nutrition, with a minor in Business. She wants to attend Indiana University, but is considering many other colleges.

Interests: Dance, Exploring, Cosmetology
Aspirations: Join a professional ballet company
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram


Jennifer DavisJennifer Davis will have reached success when she is able to travel the world, help developing countries, and learn different recipes as a muse for her love of cooking. Currently, she attends eStem High School where she is a part of the Noble 201 crew. She is also a member of Arkansas Commitment, LR Mayor’s Youth Council, and Big Role Models. Jennifer is known mostly for her love for food and sweet tea.

Interests: Cooking, Diversity, Event Planning, Volunteering
Aspirations: Study Abroad, Public Relations, Business
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Portfolio


Emily DoyneEmily Doyne was apart of the first official Noble class at eStem Public High School, and is currently a Noble 201 student. She was apart of an organization, Innovate 2 educate, in 2014 held at the clinton school. Now in 11th grade, she enjoys helping children, which inspired her to become a children’s lawyer. At this time Emily’s involved in Beta Club, National Honors Society, and Diversity Club.

Interests: Movies, Design, Camping, Skiing
Aspiration: To attend college in Houston, Texas
Connect: LinkedIn / Email


Madison DukeMadison Duke is currently a junior at eStem High Public Charter school where she is also a Noble 201 scholar. She is one of three 11th grade representatives in student council. Being a representative means that Madison plans to communicate all information effectively, be a voice and also create a fun and unforgettable experience for her peers. Her passion is music and the performing arts. She plans to attend the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Interests: Theater, vocal music, poetry, eating and many more.
Aspirations: Complete college, travel the world and achieve all my goals
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Portfolio / Instagram


Bethanie GourleyBethanie Gourley attends eStem High School in the 11th grade and is a Noble Impact 201 student. She has a strong passion for connecting storytelling through her hobby in film. Film has intrigued Bethanie throughout her life and has been a platform where she can express her creativity. Bethanie is also interested in playing competitive soccer for her high school and Arkansas United.

Interests: Film, Soccer, Blogging, Biking
Aspirations: Attend Hendrix College
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Portfolio / YouTube


Cole GwatneyCole Gwatney is an ambitious, intelligent Junior at eSTEM Public Charter High School. With his main values being creativity and open-mindedness, Cole stresses being yourself and is very passionate about putting your ideas out there and sharing your ideas with others in order to connect with people and create relationships based off of common passions or ideas.

Interests: Engineering, sports, photography, politics, hunting, education, cars, hunting, fishing
Aspirations: Major in mechanical or chemical engineering at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, while minoring in business
Connect: Twitter | LinkedIn


Grace HeflinGrace Heflin is a current Noble 201 scholar and a junior at eStem High School. She is a part of the founding team of Steering Arkansas formed during the first i2e event. In her spare time, Grace enjoys dancing and spending time with her friends and family.

Interests: Design, Art, Dance, Technology
Aspirations: To graduate college and own a graphic or interior design firm.
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Portfolio / Instagram


Jonathan JonesJonathan Jones is a Noble 201 Scholar at eStem High School in 11th grade. He hopes to become a cook and possibly a writer. He is a co-creator of a podcast directed at teenagers, The Shoe Crew, which he makes with his friends Julian Kresse, Bethanie Gourley, Sophie Bryant, and Anna McCrieght on SoundCloud.

Interests: Cooking, writing, ministry
Aspirations: Learn how to fly a plane
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram


Amanpreet KaurAmanpreet Kaur is a Junior student at eStem High School. She is currently participating in an entrepreneurship class, Noble 201. Amanpreet is really passionate about traveling and capturing wonderful shots during her travels. She is also interested in medicine and enjoys helping people. She plans to attend University of Arkansas to major in biology with a minor in business.

Interests: Photography, Travel, Medicine
Aspirations: Graduate college and attend Medical School.
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Email / Portfolio


Haley KirkHaley Kirk is an adventurous young women who would love to be Physical Therapist. She comes from a small town where not many people in her family have been successful but she would like to break that cycle.She would like to attend ASU and really wants to make a difference.

Interests: Running, tennis, the beach, taking care of kids, and helping
Aspirations: To make an impact on someone’s life
Connect: LinkedIn / Instagram / Google


Michael KozakMichael Kozak is a junior at eStem High School and was a part of the first official Noble 201 class. His group “Student Teachers of Tomorrow” was a part of the 2014 Innovate 2 Educate and has done a brand breakdown project of the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce. His passions include Video Editing/Recording and Business. He is hoping to pursue a degree in Business Management and Video Design at the University of Arkansas.

Interests: Video Editing, Business Management
Aspirations: Earn a degree in Business Management and gain further Video Editing experience
Connect: Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn


Greta KresseGreta Kresse is a 16 year old Junior at eStem High School. She is a founder of Steering Arkansas which is a program started through Noble Impact, that is trying to get drivers education into schools. She is also very passionate about fitness, and does kickboxing and backpacks in her free time. In addition to this she paints and is very involved in the art community.

Interests: Backpacking, Kickboxing, Painting, Cosmetology, Business
Aspirations: To attend the Chicago institute of Art and travel the world
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram / Portfolio


Julian KresseJulian Kresse is a 16-year-old blacksmith and woodworker. He likes to hike and be in nature. When Julian graduates, he aspires to be a knifemaker and craftsman. Julian hopes to produce things to the highest quality he can.

Interests: Karate, Hiking, Drawing, and Knifemaking
Aspiration: To own my own shop and to hike the Appalachian Trail
Connect: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram


Audra MaxwellAudra Maxwell is currently a junior at eStem High School and participating in the Noble 201 class. Her passion is volleyball, which she has played for 5 years. Since her school doesn’t have a volleyball team, she plays under the organization called Junior Olympics. Under that organization, she plays for a league called Little Rock Juniors. She is hoping to get a volleyball scholarship out of state. She wants to either major in Nursing or Business.

Interests: Volleyball and Traveling
Aspirations: Attend college out of state on a volleyball scholarship
Connect: Linkedln / Twitter / Portfolio / Instagram / Email


Jones McConnellJones McConnell aspires to become a youth pastor because, he wants to show the world how God’s grace exists in him. He is a junior at eStem High, as a noble 201 student, and interested in pursuing a degree in youth ministry. He participates in programs at Fellowship Bible Church called, “Riptide and 56″, as an action leader and a group leader. He has participated in the first High School Startup Weekend with a team called, ” Polish-to-Go “, which took third place.

Interests: Hiking, walking, running, anything related to being outside
Aspirations: To attend a college in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Connect: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn


Chyna NicholsChyna Nichols is sixteen year old girl who attends eStem High School. She loves shopping and dressing up to create different styles and trends. She wants to pursue her dreams of fashion in college and major in Fashion Design with a minor of Business and Communications. She enjoys having a good time, hanging with her friends and family.

Interests: Softball, Singing, Debating and Traveling
Aspirations: Attending Hampton University or Baylor University and achieving all of her goals
Connect: LinkedIn / Instagram


Nate ReevesNate Reeves is a sixteen year old “Freelance” developer / graphic designer, having two years of experience in the development field. Currently co-owner/developer of abM Gaming. Strongest languages include Javascript, LUA, Python, and Ruby. His graphic design experience comes from Osu, a European created spin off of Osu! Tatakae! Ouenan. His inspiration for programming comes from Aaron Swartz, co-creator of reddit and the RSS.

Interests: Programming, Graphic Design, Networking,
Aspirations: To learn at least, another 15 programming languages.
Connect: Twitter / Google+ / Steam


Haley SpicerHaley Spicer was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 7,1999. She currently attends eStem Public Charter High School and is a Junior and a Noble 201 student. She is involved in various clubs such as FBLA, Students for Christ,
and Beta Club. She is passionate about Flying and wants pursue her dream of becoming a pilot.

Interests: Basketball, Softball, Science
Aspiration: Attend Louisiana State University
Connect: Linkedin / Twitter / Instagram / Email / Portfolio


Breanna TylerBreanna Tyler is a Noble 201 Scholar at eStem High School. She enjoys taking pictures and painting anything that catches her interest. Breanna enjoys watching and learning new things about things of the past in her free time. She aspires to go to The Art Institutes in San Francisco and major in Fine Arts.

Interests: Photography, Art, Archeology
Aspirations: Attend The Art Institute in San Francisco.
Connect: Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram / Portfolio


Kyla WebbKyla Webb is a Noble 201 Scholar at eStem High School. She enjoys taking pictures and editing them to create her unique style of photography. She wants to major in political science and get her law degree. She enjoys doing her research on the politicians running for presidency in 2016… #VOTE4BERNIESANDERS

Interests: Photography, Politics, Entrepreneurship, Law, and Blogging
Aspirations: Attend Harvard University or Columbia University
Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram / Portfolio


Angel WilliamsAngel Williams is currently a junior at eStem Public Charter High. This is her second year as a student in the Noble Impact course. She is passionate in cheerleading and psychology. She currently a member of diversity club and the varsity cheer squad for 3 years now. Angel is known for giving advice and cheerleading.

Interests: Public Speaking, Psychology, Cheerleading, and Track
Aspirations: Psychologist and Counselor
Connect: Twitter / Instagram / Email


Kennedy YancyKennedy Yancy is a dedicated young woman who someday wants to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer and minoring in business. She is currently president of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) , a member of young ladies club, eStem students for Christ, Arkansas commitment, Mayor’s Youth Council, and is a Noble impact 201 student. She enjoys majorette dancing, and playing softball.

Interests: Majorette dancing, softball, law
Aspirations: Attend Yale University or Howard university then become a lawyer.
Connect: Email / Instagram / LinkedIn / Portfolio


Stasha YancyStasha Yancy is aiming to become a OB/GYN after attending college at Spelman University in Atlanta, GA. She is currently a Junior at eStem High School and is also a Noble 201 student. She enjoys anything that implies creativity and loves to be herself.

Interests: Cosmetology, Fashion, Traveling, and learning about anything in the Medical fields.
Aspirations: attending college at Spelman University in Atlanta, GA, to become a OB/GYN.
Connect: Email / LinkedIn


We’re extremely excited about the work our #Noble201 scholars have already achieved and look forward to seeing what they bring to the world in the coming semester. To keep up with the class, check out the hashtag #Noble201 on Twitter or read more about their work on our blog.

Featured image courtesy of Noble Impact 201 scholar and blog contributor Kyla Webb

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