Announcing the Inaugural Noble Impact Educators Summit!

Announcing the Inaugural Noble Impact Educators Summit!

Announcing the Inaugural Noble Impact Educators Summit!

Over the past two years, we’ve learned quite a bit in our classrooms, where Noble Impact scholars pursue their passions and interests in search for purpose and relevance every day. We’ve also worked with hundreds of educators to share best practices and beef up our own skills. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our inaugural Noble Impact Educators Summit, a three-day professional development event for educators and school administrators to reimagine what education could be. The summit will take place in Little Rock, Arkansas on July 27-29, 2016. Sign up on our summit website to receive more information once the speakers and schedule are announced, and stay tuned to the Twitter hashtag #NobleSummit!

Our vision for the Educators Summit is that we’ll be able to convene educators, whether they be teachers or administrators, to collaborate, tackle problems, and propose solutions for key education issues, while also taking a deep dive into interactive sessions focused on facilitation, classroom culture, entrepreneurship education, digital tools, and storytelling.

Noble Impact facilitates PD at EAST Initiative's Summer Seminar 2015.
Noble Impact facilitates PD at EAST Initiative’s Summer Seminar 2015.
We want to provide a space where educators can share conversations, meet new people, and listen to each other’s stories. In all reality, when I go to professional development events, swapping business cards or sharing lunches proven to be the most valuable; those are the relationships that continue on.

Everyone likes experiences that energize them and challenges them to think differently or in new ways about certain topics and issues — a lot of teacher professional development opportunities lack that engagement. In fact, only 29% of teachers are satisfied with current professional development.

Last week, attending SXSWedu, an Austin-based education conference, I was hyper-engaged. There were panels, hands-on activities, networking events, pitch competitions, happy hours, parties, coffee sessions, breakfast gatherings, and Wifi-enabled lounge spaces. These are the types of thought-provoking and energizing activities that kept my colleague and me going. We were constantly facing a change of content style, location, or activity. The conference kept us sharp and on our toes!

For the past year, the Noble Impact team has been brewing on ideas… What if every teacher and administrator could experience the level of engagement I just described? What if we hosted an experience that facilitated relationship-building while also offering great content and tools for educators to bring back to their classrooms and schools? What if we gathered amazing teachers to collaborate and share new methods and ideas that work? What if students took part in professional development?

Noble Impact Civic Innovation Challenge Brainstorming with Post-It Notes
Collaboration and problem-solving are big in our classrooms and will also drive our PD.
We’re proud to unveil our plans for the Noble Impact Educators Summit, where all of the above will take place. Teachers will be presented with opportunities to connect with local business leaders and entrepreneurs, visit Noble Impact’s Innovation Studio, and attend student presentations that result from the Noble Impact classroom experience. We hope the Noble Impact Educators Summit will amplify teacher voice while providing tools to help students reach their full potential.

If you’re an educator engaged in the conversation around the future of education, we’d like to see you at the summit! Sign up on our website for more information as it becomes available. And in the meantime, pencil us in for July 27-29, 2016. We look forward to seeing you!

Special thanks to Noble Impact 301 scholar Dakota Felder, who developed and designed the Noble Impact Educators Summit website as part of his Noble Impact apprenticeship at Little Rock-based design and development agency Few. You might recall from past posts that he’s also the great mind behind the Noble Impact brochure!

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