A Noble Future: Retrocat Media Speaks About Attaining Success

A Noble Future: Retrocat Media Speaks About Attaining Success

A Noble Future: Retrocat Media Speaks About Attaining Success

Retrocat Media LogoThe following guest post was penned by Creative Director Joe Lusby of Retrocat Media, a Little Rock-based media production company. Along with fellow co-founder Lukas Deem, Lusby was a guest speaker with the Noble 101 courses at eStem High School, speaking about how to reach success.

As always, visiting the students of Noble Impact leaves us excited for the future and motivated to do more of what matters. These students are bright, talented, and of course, surrounded with top tier educators and mentors (#ChadRules). We had the great pleasure of speaking with a few students from the Noble program about what we think is key to building a successful future.

Something we have always believed in is building yourself to be the best you can be, and success will follow. Success is a routine. Success is habit. Success is not an act, but a ritual. We talked to the Noble students about their dream goals and what they can do today, and every day, to achieve those goals.

Joe Lusby Maps Out Goal Strategy
The Retrocat Media team prepared for our guest speaking day with a goal-mapping session.

Our steps to success are as follows: Know your goals. Take one step today. REPEAT.

Goals will change and so will the steps. If you are constantly and consciously aware of your goals and you are constantly and consciously taking steps to achieve those goals, you WILL succeed. #moneybackguarantee

The students of Noble Impact dream big. We spoke with dozens of students about whom and what they dreamed of becoming. We encouraged the students to imagine who they could become and to think without limits. We also encouraged them to let their passions guide their future.

As expected from the students of Noble, we were astounded by how many students not only knew exactly what they wanted, but already knew what they had to do in order to make it a reality. (A task that is difficult even as an “adult”.)

Joe Lusby Breakdances at Noble Impact
I did a bit of breakdancing for the Noble Impact scholars.

From a young age many of us are pushed into career paths the seek status or wealth and put passion to the wayside. So often, passions seem to be hobbies and free time, while “work” dominates the day to day. We believe that work and passion should be one in the same.

We spent our time discussing with these young minds about becoming the person you want to become and not the job you want to have. We believe following your dreams is about creating the lifestyle you want to live, and then making active and conscious steps to create that lifestyle.

Joe Lusby Speaks at Noble Impact
Spending time with Noble Impact students was as inspiring for me as I hope it was for them.

In the end, getting to spend time with the students of Noble leaves us inspired. Inspired to pursue our dreams as passionately as we can. Inspired to seek help and ask questions. Inspired to surround ourselves with like minded others reaching for the impossible.

As always, we leave Noble wondering who really made the impact.

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