About our classroom experience

Noble Impact believes in two distinct factors regarding K-12 education:

1. 21st century students have a need for meaning and purpose in their educational experiences

2. When presented with real world challenges and connections in their community, students can become credible problem solvers and change makers

Noble Impact’s classroom experience challenges students to think with a public service mindset while gaining the skill set of an entrepreneur. A major component of the Noble Impact experience is providing students with opportunities and access to the local community through partnerships with local businesses and organizations.


Inside the Noble Impact classroom

VENUE: eStem High
DATE: April 2015
LOCATION: Little Rock, AR

The above video was produced by filmmaker Jadon Barnes, a Noble Impact scholar and Class of 2016 senior at eSTEM High Public Charter School. The video not only captures the collaborative and engaging classroom experience that Noble Impact facilitates, but also showcases the power and spirit of Noble Impact learners.

Noble Impact

Through their coursework, students are equipped with the tools and connections to propose and/or create businesses, non-profits, or campaigns that address needs in their communities.

Noble Impact courses are currently offered and taken by more than 400 elementary, middle, and high school students in Arkansas. Stay tuned for expansion plans!