About student stories and experiences

We believe in the power of stories. No matter their age, students are capable of contributing and living their highest mission, but oftentimes aren’t encouraged to explore or express that idea. With digital portfolios, we empower students to write and tell their stories. Outlining their personal narrative, passions, values, and projects throughout the course of a semester, students learn to articulate and communicate what matters most to them and how that affects the types of projects they chooses to partake in. It’s amazing what students create when they’re asked to think big.


Building a world of Unstoppables

VENUE: eStem High
DATE: August 2015
LOCATION: Little Rock, AR


The above video was produced by filmmaker Bethanie Gourley, a Noble Impact scholar and Class of 2017 junior at eSTEM High Public Charter School. The film captures the importance of Bethanie’s digital portfolio experience, how her portfolio has helped her connect to the creative community, and her undeniable creative spirit.


Example student portfolios

Noble Impact - Portfolio1
Ni - Portfolio 2
Noble Impact - Portfolio 3
Nobile Impact Portfolio 4
NI portfolio 5

Above are just five examples of the hundreds of portfolios that students have created while in Noble Impact. Witnessing this process has shown us that students, when given the opportunity to act on their ideas, are unstoppable, imaginative creators. What’s even more exciting is that by putting their thoughts in writing, students were even more driven to action through community projects. That is what education should be.