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Students are the key consumers of the education system and thus should be the most sought after constituents in the conversation of how to make education purposeful and relevant. Though students are immersed in school, policymakers and educators rarely take student voice into account when designing curriculum, structures, processes, and goals for improved educational outcomes. Noble Impact, on the other hand, is centered around the student experience. We believe that students are the most valuable contributors in this search for a better education system.


Facilitating student feedback and creativity

VENUE: Clinton School of Public Service

DATE: March 2015
LOCATION: Little Rock, AR


Innovate 2 Educate is a challenge-based framework that guides students through a process to research, design, and pitch their ideas on how to improve education. Proposing solutions for problems from school bullying to standardized testing, students speak up and are heard by their peers and community leaders in these solutions-driven forums for educational change.

Noble Impact students ideate on changing education
Student Voice Noble Impact

In our course design, event planning, and even website creation, we consult with students to make sure that we have their interests, concerns, and perspectives in mind as we serve them. If we are to serve students well, there must always be seats for them at the table.